Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

"My weakness is that I'm very stubborn"

A city: Munich
A color: red
A car: Audi A1
A drink: Coca Cola
An actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
An actress: Kate Winslet
A movie: Inception
A painter: Dürer
A book: Die Mitte der Welt
An author: Stephanie Meyer
A role model: Everyone, who lives his life with passion :)
A food: "Kaiserschmarrn"
A clothing brand: Adidas
A clothing item: shirt
A dream: FC Bayern wins the Tripple!
A good quality: Hm ... I try to do my best in the most parts of my life
A weakness: I’m pretty stubborn
A good quality in a woman: Beeing happy with herself
A good quality in a man: Giving his girlfriend the feeling that she's the only girl in the world ;)
A destination: Munich
A name for a woman: Clara
A name for a man: Louis
A type of transportation: Car
A stadium: Fritz-Walter-Stadion & Allianz Arena & "The Theatre of Dreams" - Old Trafford
A rival: M1
A politician: Hm ... Difficult in modern times -.-"
A sporting event: First live match at Kaiserslautern stadion :)
A historical event: "Mauerfall" & -> SOLI ... No words ... :)
A past time: Having a happy family

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